Exhibition of Tutankhamen opens in Slovakia
exhibition of artifacts - REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

CAIRO: An exhibition of artifacts from King Tutankhamen tomb opened in Bratislava Thursday, the Foreign Ministry announced Saturday.

“Slovak tourists used to come to Egypt usually; 165,000 tourists (5% of Slovakia population) chose Egypt as their favorite destination in 2010,”the ministry statement said.

“These kinds of exhibitions are known to be frequent, as its income benefits the government under its own supervision abroad, on the contrary of other actions such as smuggling the antiquities which is highly condemned by the ministry” Egyptian museum manager, Mohamed Ali Fahmy, told The Cairo Post.

This exhibition follows the lifting of a travel ban issued by the Slovakian government over visiting Egyptian resorts.

Fahmy toldThe Cairo Post that this is the only legal way for the Egyptian monuments to have exposure abroad, adding that many monuments leave Egypt in “indirect and twisted ways.”

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