Troika’s World War III: Statues of the museum; unite!
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CAIRO: Known for their speculative fiction, new wave, comedy-fantasy films, the trio Ahmad Fahmy, Chico, and Hesham Maged’s fourth feature film World War III was released during the Eid vacation post-Ramadan, topping the box office from day one.

The trio wrote the scripts and starred in all three films prior World War III but the latest script was written by Moustafa Sakr and Mohamed Ezz, both known to be part of the writing team of Al-Kebeer TV series starring Ahmed Mekky.

Fahmy, Chico, and Maged wrote the plot and the movie was directed by Ahmed El-Gendy.

Even before watching the movie, many claimed that World War III is a copy of Hollywood’s production of Night At The Museum just by watching the trailer. But World War III is far from being a direct copy, and the film begins with a disclaimer stating so despite any resemblance between both films.

Set in a wax museum featuring worldwide figures such as Ghandi, King Tutankhamun, Bob Marley, and Mohamed Ali Pasha, the character Khamees, starring Ahmad Fahmy, enters the building to retrieve his football that was mistakenly kicked in. That is when the clock ticks 6:00 a.m. and all the statues come to life.

He later learns that the statues were cast by a spell, bringing them to life daily when there are no visitors in the museum. He is trapped within the museum building with the characters due to a series of unfortunate events. He tries to escape but faces many challenges and supernatural obstacles.

Howaida, starring Inaam Salousa, is an ex-curator of the museum who was kicked out by the statues themselves when she tried to steal a book of spells. Howaida threatens Khamees to bring her the book, so she can bring to life the statues of “evil” characters such as Dracula, Egyptian women serial killers Rayya and Sekkina, and Napoleon Bonaparte. Hitler was brought to life and escaped the museum with Howaida; with his leadership, they initiate World War III to rule the world.

As with their previous movies, World War III breaks the rules of traditional comedy, merging unusual comedy-fantasy with atypical realism from the storyline to the way the characters are written. Most of the characters are iconic, historical, and well-known to the audiences and so transforming those traits creatively, with very smart humor, was what made the movie appealing.

The trio’s first production was a low-budget independent film in 2002 Regal La Ta’ref Al Mostaheel (Men Who Know No Impossible) that parodied the infamous movie Al-Tareeq Ila Eilat (The Road to Eilat). The film was uploaded online and circulated even before the age of YouTube. They also produced a parody TV Series Afeesh Wa Tashbeeh, directed by Amr Salama and produced by Mohamed Hefzy, that parodied and mocked a different Egyptian movie in each episode.

In World War III, there are several scenes in which it parodies other famous movies and commercials, which add an appeal to audiences.

Audiences found the movie to be humorous and entertaining, which lead to a huge success, but was also claimed innovative and well-structured and the graphics in various scene were very advanced.

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