US grants Egypt $1.5 billion in military aid: Congressman Darrell Issa
Congressman Darrell Issa - Getty Images/Alex Wong

CAIRO: U.S. administration to grant Egypt $1.5 billion worth of military aid, congressman Darrell Issa announced Sunday in a press conference.

Issa had discussed earlier Sunday when he met with President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi the bilateral relations between Egypt and the U.S., in addition to the on-going situation in Gaza, Libya and Iraq.

Issa said that the national and economical issues in Egypt have been tackled in the meeting. Also, he said that Sisi’s visit to Russia would not affect Egyptian-American relations. He added that Egypt being one of the most effective countries in the region, relations between it and Russia are not a surprise.

Meanwhile, he praised the country’s efforts in facing terrorism saying, “Egypt is a strong ally that could control terrorism in the region.”

The congressman noted that he came to Egypt after concerns over the current situation of the region regarding militants, threats and terrorist groups’ escalation recently, such as ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Adding that one of the toughest challenges that the Middle East faces is fighting those groups.

He also said that he spoke with the president about his upcoming meeting with other congressmen, adding that whenever Sisi decides to visit the U.S., the visit will be welcomed from the U.S. administration.

Furthermore, he discussed the strong Egyptian role in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in applying a permanent truce.

Regarding the HRW report on the dispersal of Rabaa,Issa commented that he mentioned it in his meeting with Sisi, saying that the United States supports the values ​​of human rights and Egypt must work on reducingdamages and casualties, but he also added that his country is against sabotage and destruction caused by militant groups.

Professor of political science Waheed Abdul Mageed commented on the congressman mentioning the Muslim Brotherhood along with ISIS as the reasons behind the escalation in the region, saying that Issa’s point of view does not reflect the official opinion of the American administration, Youm7 reported.

Abdul Mageed added that the United States has a special law regarding terrorist organizations that sets the standards and specifications of determining whether the organization or a group should be classifiedterrorist or not.

On the other hand, politicians commented on the U.S. granting Egypt $1.5 billion in military aid as a decision that reflects the U.S.’s apprehensions on Russian-Egyptian relations, according to Saad el-Din Ibrahim to Youm7.

Political activist Tariq Kholy said that Darrell Issa’s statements are strong evidence of the decline of the U.S.’s stance against Egypt. Kholy explained that America is a state of institutions, in which it is possible that different institutionswill have different political views, but congress is an important institution that can control the president’s executive decisions.

Additional reporting by Nour Zul fukkar and Mohammed Al-Galy.

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