Netanyahu speech about Israeli victory is an attempt to cover failure:Hamas
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - REUTERS/ Nir Elias

CAIRO: Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri, said in a statement published on his Facebook page Sunday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s latest statements about Israeli victory are“nothing but an attempt to cover his failure.”

He added, in a reply to Israeli statements by Netanyahu that “the numbers of Israeli soldiers killed are enough to prove that our resistance succeeded to hit inside Israel and that the only way for Israel to feel safe is when Palestinians feel safe themselves by raisingtheIsraeli siege over them.”

During the weekly meeting of the Israeli Cabinet Sunday, Netanyahu assured that his country would not accept any truce that doesn’t achieve its security needs, assuring that he gave “direct and clear orders to the delegation currently in Egypt, not to accept anything that would threaten us (Israel).”

Netanyahu warned Hamas in his statements that they will suffer from more attacks, as long as Israel is not feeling safe and its own people are not living in peace and calm. He talked specifically about the dangers of Gaza tunnels, and how they will keep targeting it, fighting all of Hamas’ attempts against his country.

Youm7 reported Sunday that said tunnels threaten the talks held in Cairo between the Palestinian and Israeli delegations, in addition to the national security of Cairo itself. According to anonymous experts, the number of tunnels between Egypt and Gaza increased to 1600 tunnels after the January 25 revolution, as experts told Youm 7 that before that, the number of tunnels was only 600 in 2010, adding that that state loses 3 million EGP annually due to smuggling operations that happen through these tunnels.

The negotiations between Israel and Palestine are ongoing since last week by Egyptian mediators, as the two delegations are currently in Egypt as a 5-day true suggested by Egypt was agreed on and is currently applied by both sides.

Head of the Palestinian delegation Azam al-Ahmed said in a press conference last week following Egypt-mediated indirect talks between Hamas and Israel that they reached an agreement on a new 5-day ceasefire.

The truce is one of several bids to end the ongoing war in Gaza, which began in early July, and has killed over 1,951 and wounded 10,193, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. Since the beginning of the aggression on July 8 on the strip, 67 Israelis were killed, three of whom were civilians.

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