Morsi’s son publishes a message from his father on his Facebook account
son of Former President Mohamed Morsi Omar Morsi - YOUM7 (Archive)

Cairo: “God meant for our January 25 Revolution to face difficulties, but he also created real revolutionists, of which Egypt is proud,” Omar Morsi, son of Former President Mohamed Morsi, quoted his father saying in a message published on his Facebook account Monday.

“Keep going on with your white peaceful revolution, steady like mountains, strong like thunder,”Morsi added in the published letter. Moreover he said “Your revolution will win: that’s my belief in God, as you are followed by the majority of the citizens who are waiting for you to prepare the revolutionary atmosphere after its silence was heard by the whole world in the military coup presidency play.”

Morsi also said “stay together and don’t be apart, God knows I exertedmy effort to resist corruption, sometimes with revolutionary procedures and sometimes with law. I spent my life opposingcriminality and I will continue for as long as I’m breathing.”

Morsi, in his written letter to his son, called on the Egyptian revolution’s youth to be patient, adding that all free countries in the world didn’t approve of the “Coup” government.

“As long as there are men who believe in their revolution, martyrs’ blood and victims’ pain will be avenged,” Morsi added, finally saying”the revolutionary way is hard but I have trust in you and believe in God’s victory.”
Political expert Waheed Abdel Mageed commented on the published letter saying that the letter proves that the Brotherhood’sspeech has not changed, according to Youm7. He added that Morsi, who signed the letter with “The President of Egypt,” was trying to maintain the mobilization tone that appears in all pro-MB statements.

Abdel Mageed explained that as long as MB supporters keep their protests and demonstrations in the streets, that will ensure the presence of the organization, and lead to more action in the upcoming period.

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