Egyptian Interior Ministry advises American police not to use ‘excessive force’
tear gas is fired to disperse a crowd protesting in Ferguson by American police - AP

CAIROThe Egyptian interior ministry advised American police on Tuesday not to use “excessive force” against its people in the American Missouri State which is currently witnessing protests following 18-year-old Michael Brown’s murder by a white police officer on Aug. 9.

Ministry spokesperson Hany Abdel Latif added, in a phone call with “On My Responsibility” program broadcasted on Sada el-Balad TV, that“American police are using excessive and unjustified force against peaceful demonstrators.”

The death of Brown sparked the outrage of the people of Ferguson, a town with a black majority, where the former was gunned down,protesting against his death, however, the protests turned into clashes with state police.

Meanwhile, ABC News reported on August 19, that a 23-year-old black man was shot and killed by the St. Louis police in Missouri after brandishing a knife at them.

Such an incident may escalate the tension.

Abdel Latif added that demonstrators are protesting for a legitimate demand, which is bringing the involved officer to justice.

Abdel Latif expressed his disapproval of the usage of “heavy weapons” by American police against the demonstrators, adding“they are neither dealing with drug dealers nor arms dealers so why the excessive force?”

He called on American police for dialogue and restraint instead, warning from the escalation of the crisis to other American cities.

Meanwhile, Abdel Latif praised the 17 Egyptian Human Rights organizations, which held press conferences denying what were mentioned in the Human Rights Watch report about the violent dispersal of Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins in Rabaa and Nahda squares.

The HRW’s report condemned the violent dispersal, branding it “a crime against humanity” as it said at least 817 people were killed during the dispersal on August 14, 2013.

He described the HRW report as being “politicized”.

Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Badr Abdel Atty said,in a brief statement to state owned news agency MENA, on Tuesday that Egypt is closely following the escalating protests and their repercussions.

Abdel Atty referred to the statements delivered by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon which called for self-restraint, respecting the rights of society and peaceful expression of opinion as well as urging the authorities to deal with demonstrations according to American and international standards.

Meanwhile, Marie Harf, the spokesperson of the US department of Statesaid inTuesday‘spress briefing that America is confronting its problems “transparently, and honestly and openly up against any other countries in the world,” calling on other countries which commented on the situation including Egypt to do the same thing.

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