Russian tourist arrested over harassing Egyptian
Tourists in Hurghada - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A Russian tourist is accused of sexually harassing an Egyptian woman Tuesday evening in Hurghada in a hotel they were both staying in. Hurghada prosecution is investigating the incident, Youm7 reported Wednesday.

The Cairo Post contacted the Ministry of Tourism’s spokesperson, who was unwilling to comment.

The Egyptian woman told the hotel’s administration that the Russian tourist repeatedly harassed her, yet they did not prevent him. She then resorted to the Tourism Police, ONA reported Wednesday.

Hurghada Tourism Police Investigation Head Col. Ahmed Abdel Khaleq received a report by a 25-year-old Egyptian woman who said a drunk Russian tourist sexually harassed her.

Tourism Police had formed a search team immediately, and the team arrested the suspect. He was referred to general prosecution for further investigation.

Additional reporting by EmadArafa.

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