Judge submits legal grounds of Habib al-Adly’s acquittal verdict
former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Judge Ibrahim el-Sayyad who issued the verdict of acquitting former Minister of Interior Habib al-Adly June 12 in the case of money laundering and profiteering from his position submitted the legal grounds Wednesday in South Cairo Criminal Court, Youm7 reported.

Adly was accused in this case of money laundering of5 million EGP through tasking his subordinates to quickly find a “buyer” for his land in Nakheel Compound in Tagammu el-Khames to sell it to one of the contractors who construct real estates for the ministry for a price higher above market price.

The court stated in the legal ground documents that it made sure through exhibits and documents of the case that Adly did not abuse his authorities, there is no personal relation between him and the land buyer and Ministry of Justice experts’ reports stated that the selling price matched market price then.

The court added that Head of Police Academy and head of Al-Nakheel Association Maj. Gen. Emad Hussein, whom Maj. Gen. Alaa Helmy told that Adly wants to sell the land, said in general prosecution investigations that many police officers who have lands allocated for them also requested that Al-Nakheel Association Board of Directors sells their lands.

They decided to do sobecause they were not able to build on them or due to the limited time assigned by Urban Communities Authority [six months] to get a building license and start building on the land.

The court said that none ofthe members of Al-Nakheel Association Board of Directors said in investigations or testimonies that the suspect, Adly,hinted at using his power to threaten them or promise them an exceptional privilege.

The court added that it was proven to it that all officers responsible for the association did not choose the buyer and that choosing them by the real estate brokerage office was a coincidence.

In addition, the buyer, Mohamed Ahmed Fawzy, did not know about the offer until he visited his friend, the owner of the real estate brokerage office.

Moreover, the court said that although the buyer of Adly’s land took some construction contractsfrom the Ministry of Interior between 1998 and 2007, it was not proven from the cases’ documents, that Adly had directly entrusted these bids to his company, al-Masry al-Youm reported.

The court said in the legal grounds documents that since there is no relation between the incident of selling the land owned by Adly and any of his occupation’s tasks, there is no crime.

The court said that it depends on the testimony of Ministry of Justice expert Hossam Saleh who said that he checked the land and it turned out that a meter’s cost is 3,200, yet the land was sold for 3,000 per meter. This, the court said, eradicates any suspicion of exploitation to achieve profits.

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