Egypt re-opens Rafah crossing
The Rafah border crossing with Gaza - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Egyptian authorities have reopened Thursday the Rafah border crossing to accept injured Palestinians, allowing cross-border aid deliveries and stranded people to cross, an official source at the crossing told Youm7.

Since the Israeli onslaught began on the Gaza Strip July 8 to stamp out Hamas-fired rockets at Israeli cities, Egypt has intermittently opened the crossing.

About 2,047 Palestinians have been killed including 553 kids and 470 women, and more than 10,224 have been injured including 3,106 kids, according to the Palestinian health ministry’s report released on August 20.

While three Israeli civilians and 67 soldiers were killed, according to the latest Israeli media reports.

Egypt has been trying to reach a truce between the two conflicting bodies; Hamas and Israel. On Aug. 10, Egypt succeeded in securing a three-day ceasefire which then extended for another five days and expired on Aug. 18.

Minutes before the truce was set to expire, the Palestinian and Israeli leaders agreed on another 24-hour truce.

However, after the truce came to an end, mutual bombardment was resumed.

The Palestinian factions demand a ceasefire, ending the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip, opening the Rafah crossing border and expanding the fishing area, while Israel stipulates the disarmament of the Palestinian factions.

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