Mobile Carriers provides 400M EGP to fix power outages at mobile towers
Mobile towers - REUTERS

CAIRO: Mobile Phone Carriers provided 400 million EGP to avoid power outages on mobile towers throughout Egypt, according to statements of National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) Head Hesham el-Alaily.

Alaily explained mobile towers usually have batteries or generators to remain working during power cuts but they only have a certain capacity that will reduce if the energy continued for longer periods.

NTRA is collaborating with mobile carries to solve the problem and the 400 million EGP will be used to add batteries or generators in mobile towers.

Generators will provide better solution because batteries need 12 hours to be fully charged and sometimes power outages happen more than once in this period.

All the negative effects on towers during electricity outages are sometimes transferred to towers in other areas that still have electricity, which increases pressure and reduces service quality, he said. The power outages are also reducing the quality of internet service in the country.

“Communication services in general were affected due to the power outages in Egypt,” he told Al-Hayah Al-Youm in a phone interview Thursday.

Head of Citizens Against High Prices Mahmoud el-Asqlany said in the same interview that the power outage is not the reason of the communication issue in Egypt.

The power outage is due to the vast difference levels between power production and usage, Ministry of Electricity’s official spokesperson Mohamed el-Yamany said in Al-Hayah Al-Youm Thursday. There were also several attacks targeting power towers and the problem of lacking oil supplies but officials are not solving either issue.

Yamany said power outages are affecting the communication sector and industrial sector in Egypt but it is gradually being fixed.

Egypt ranks at 175th place worldwide regarding providing internet service after analyzing test data from July 22 until Aug. 20, according to Net Index, which stated they tested 1,501,276 IPs in the country.

Top cities in Egypt, according to the report based on internet speed, were Cairo with 2.85 MBPS and Alexandria with 1.89 MBPs.

The total number of mobile subscribers in Egypt at the end of 2012 was 93,682 million subscriptions, NTRA stated in an official report.

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