813 million EGP necessary to face slums issue
Urban development minister Laila Iskander - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Egypt needs 813 million EGP to develop slums, said Minister of Urban Development Laila Rashad Iskander in an interview Thursday that aired on Al-Arabiya.

The minister added that the urban development ministry is assigned with listing all slums in the country, in addition to developing unsafe and unplanned areas, and improving trash disposal systems.

Iskander also said that there is complete coordination between the ministry and governors to update information about the slums, pointing out that the issue is a result of accumulations over the past years.

The Urban Development Ministry’s budget is around 600 million EGP while there are 1034 slums in Egypt, 57 of which are in Cairo, according to Iskander.

The minister also stated during the interview that 60 percent of Egypt’s residents are living in unplanned areas that were established unlawfully, representing 37.5 percent of the cities’ total urban cluster.

She indicated that she contacts public figures to unify efforts and initiatives to develop slums and slum markets, which reached 1099 market all over the country.

The Urban Development Ministry also activated recycling projects and alternative fuel consumption, in addition to a campaign of separating trash based on its type before getting rid of it.

Furthermore, Head of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority Emad el-Alfy said that the authority finished developing seven of the slums in Cairo and Giza, funded by the Council of Ministers and the Bank Union, according to Youm7 Friday.

Alfy added that the authority is assigned with developing 47 slums in both governorates, saying that the cabinet assigned to them establishing alternative housing facilities for people in slums, in addition to lighting streets, connecting natural gas pipelines and demolishing unsafe constructions.

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi gave directions to Governor of Cairo Galal Saeed during a meeting Thursday on the importance of facing the slum issue, Youm7 reported.

Sisi said during the meeting that the phenomenon increased due to the absence of the state’s role in the past years by not providing necessary urban requirements.

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