49 Egyptians, Sudanese attempt to illegally immigrate, foiled by police
Coast guards stop seven men trying to migrate illegally - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Coast guards at El-Borollos, Kafr el-Sheikh foiled an attempt of 49 Egyptians and Sudanese trying to illegal immigrate on Saturday, Youm7 reported.

The coast guards worked in cooperation with Borollos investigation officers when they received a tip that a group intended to illegally immigrate to Italy from Borollos Lake.

The coast guards and investigation officers followed the group’s movements and surrounded them before they got onto the boats.

After they were arrested, they confessed to making a deal with two people to illegally deport them to Italy across the Mediterranean Sea for 25,000 EGP ($2,500) each.

The incident was reported and prosecution handled the investigations, Al-Balad reported.

“The file of illegal immigration has become one of the most dangerous files to the state and is out of control, like drug dealing, because it is increasing over time,” former Minister of Manpower Kamal Abu Eita told Dostor Asly in an interview Wednesday.

Abu Eita said the state has no accurate statistics data about how many illegal immigration cases there are but he estimates thousands of youths annually, a critical number that requires limitation.

He said youths try to immigrate illegally because of the lack of sufficient job opportunities and flaws of education and training systems in their own countries.

Over the last eight months, 100,000 illegal immigrants reached the Italian coasts. This “new wave” of immigrants was the topic of a show on France5 this week, Al-Hayat reported Saturday.

The show hosted an Italian journalist and three French specialists; a historian, an expert in the European immigration law, and a political sciences professor. The interview focused on how to regulate this “unprecedented” wave of illegal immigration from North Africa.

The guests unanimously agreed that European laws are inadequate and cannot contain the “strength” of the wave and that the EU leaves Italy facing the crisis alone. They said Italy faces dangers in the attempts to rescue immigrants whose boats sink and then get accused by other EU countries of leniency. They also have to host the immigrants.

A total of 20,000 immigrants drowned trying to reach Italy’s costs since 2000.

Additional reporting by Mohamed Soliman.

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