April 6 will organize protests against ‘stressful situation:’ sources
April 6 Youth Movement Members - YOUM7

CAIRO: The April 6 Movement planned a number of events against the oil price and transportation hike as well as the continuous power cuts in the “current stressful economic situation in Egypt,” press office member Mohamed Kamal told The Cairo Post Sunday.

“So far we did not make a final decision on whether to participate in the upcoming demonstrations on Sept. 27,” Kamal said. “But there is no doubt that all Egyptians will erupt in anger if former President Hosni Mubarak got a lighter sentence or found innocent. Mubarak did not give a testimony but gave a speech as if he was still president just as Habib Al-Adly spoke as if he was still Minster of Interior.”

He said there are “obvious” indicators that the current regime is “bringing back” Mubarak’s regime.

“We are planning to organize a protest on Sept. 27 against the final verdict against Mubarak. All signs point to the fact that the state is going to announce all the defendants innocent from theirs charges of killing protestors during the January 25 Revolution in 2011. If they really were innocent, then who killed the protestors?” April 6 Democratic Front member Shrief Al-Rogy told The Cairo Post.

The front already organized other events and protests against the rising prices and power cuts. Protest onlookers in the streets have positively responded to them during their previous organized events.

“We organized a protest in Imbaba last week and the residents supported us because they felt something was wrong with the current situation. For now, it is just us participating in the Sept. 27 demonstrations since no other political factions announced they would collaborate with us,” Rogy said.

He said it is “frustrating” that other political factions are refraining from the protests, especially since 17 activists were arrested during the Ithadeya demonstrations: “It was a shock but they preferred to remain silence ever since.”

The protest law issued by the transitional government in Nov. 2013 angered activists since it required protesters to give authorities a three-day notice before any public gathering, to notify of their purpose, and the slogans that will be chanted.

April 6 hoped for their campaigns to expand into days as the protesters intend to remain in the streets to support the political prisoners who are about to start a hunger strike. “Those prisoners are spending time in jail for demanding the basic rights,” Kamal said.

Activists Ahmed Doma, Ahmed Maher, and Mohamed Adel were sentenced to three years in jail and fined 50,000 EGP. They were accused of participating in illegal protests and assaulting police officers in Nov. 2013 at the Abdeen Misdemeanors Court. The court rejected the defendant’s appeal against their verdict on April 7.

Doma plans to go on a hunger strike with other jailed activists Alaa Abdel Fatah, Hamada Al-Noby, Wael Metwaly, Ahmed Maher, and Mohamed Adel, Doma’s wife Nourhan Hefzy announced on her Facebook page Saturday. Doma will not start straight away because of his current poor health.

Abdel Fatah will start and the other activists will gradually join him and Doma will join last, she added.

The April 6 Youth Movement is a political movement established in 2008 to support the Mahalla El-Kubra workers who organized a strike on April 6. Some of the movement members split away in 2011 to create a new group called April 6 Democratic Front.

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