Woman in Asyut gives birth to quintuplets

ASYUT, Egypt: A 25-year-old woman in Asyut, Asmahan, gave birth to quintuplets, one girl and four boys, on Monday. The housewife lives in the suburbs in Asyut and delivered the babies after a seven month pregnancy.

Asmahan said she went through great pain during her pregnancy, and that she had to have tubal ligation on her fourth month of pregnancy. She was put under full medical observation until she delivered the quintuplets. All five babies were born by cesarean section.

Professor of obstetrics and gynecology in Azhar University’s Asyut branch Dr. Manal Abdel Aaty was observing the case. Abdel Aaty said the boys’ health condition is fine, but the girl suffers a slight weakness.

All five babies were put in incubators as they are premature, Abdel Aaty added.

The mother said she already has two daughters, and a total of seven children now with the birth of quintuplets.

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