More than 500,000 books, journals gifted to Bibliotheca Alexandrina
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CAIRO: Bibliotheca Alexandrina was recently gifted more than 500,000 books and journals in different specialties and languages most of these gifts came from Netherlands, head of the bibliotheca Press Center Unit Mohamed Motosh told The Cairo Post Tuesday in a phone interview.

Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam presented around 420,000 books and journals in the collection in the fields of economy, natural resources, agriculture, sociology, culture, science, and technology, in English and Dutch languages.

“The new library regularly receives different collections from individuals, authorities, and bodies inside and outside Egypt,” head of the bibliotheca Technical Operations Sector Manal Amin said in press statements Sunday.

Amin also said these kinds of gifts aim to serve the library by updating and developing its possessions and that these bodies believe in the bibliotheca’s mission to be a center of spreading knowledge and a place of dialogue and understanding between civilizations.

The new gifted collection includes thousands of books, encyclopedias, journals, and maps, as well as audio and visual materials, head of the Supply Department in the library Marwa Gharabawy said in a press release Sunday.

She also said the collection will be showcased to library visitors to benefit from knowledge and information that covers different fields.

Officials in the library stated that they began registering the new collection to the bibliotheca database.

They also received from the Centre D’etudes Et De Documentation Economiques, Juridiques Et Sociale (CEDEJ) around 10,000 books and journals in different fields.

Other bodies that gifted the library include Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center that presented 1,100 books.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina ensures to provide readers and researchers all the needed information and services in different specialized fields, according to its statements.

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