Egypt announces long-term cease-fire between Israel, Palestine
Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum is carried by Palestinians as they celebrate following a ceasefire in Gaza City - REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

CAIRO: A Gaza cease-fire between Israel and Palestine has been reached, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry announced in a Monday statement.

The cease-fire came into effect as of 7 p.m. on Tuesday, the statement read.

“In order to prevent bloodshed as well as to save the lives of the Palestinian people and on the basis of the Egyptian proposal for a Gaza cease-fire, Egypt has called for a comprehensive and long-term  truce in conjunction with the opening of the crossings between the Gaza Strip and Israel, allowing the speedy entry of humanitarian and relief aid and reconstructions materials, allowing the expansion of a fishing area starting from 6 miles and continuing the indirect talks between the two parties over other topics within a month after starting the cease-fire,” the statement said.

The ministry also praised the United States’ efforts and the role it has played in reaching the truce.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced that a cease-fire had been reached with Israel to end seven weeks of fighting in Gaza.

“I want to announce the Palestinian leadership’s agreement to neighboring Egypt’s call for a comprehensive and permanent truce, beginning at 7 p.m. (1900 GMT) today,” he said in a televised speech in Ramallah at the start of a leadership meeting.

Hamas representatives and spokespersons announced in a press conference Tuesday their agreement on the cease-fire proposal, describing it as a “victory” for the movement and the Palestinian people.

Hamas representative Izzat Risheq tweeted “We won,” and said the cease-fire would lead to the opening of the crossing, the immediate lifting of the blockade and reconstruction of Gaza.

Earlier Tuesday before the cease-fire came into effect, two Palestinians were killed and 20 injured by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza, Reuters reported.

Since the beginning of the ongoing Israel-Gaza war in July, 2,131 Palestinians have been killed and 10,890 injured according to Palestinian Healthy Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qedra Monday. In that same period, 68 Israelis have been killed; four of them civilians and the rest soldiers, AFP reported.

Egypt previously succeeded in organizing a 3-day cease-fire on Aug. 10, which was then extended by another five days, but expired on Aug. 18.

Additional Reporting by Samar Samir.

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