Suspected Qalubiya organ trafficking gang released pending trial
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CAIRO: A 16-member gang involved in human organ trafficking activities in the Qalyubia city of Shubra Al Kheima was released from prison on Tuesday evening after ensuring that they’re not a flight risk, al-Masry al-Youm reported.

They were arrested on August 25, after six out of 16 persons have been arrested on charges of luring others into selling their kidneys in Qalyubia governorate while the other ten persons were accused of selling their kidneys and being involved in this illegal trade.

Judge Sherif Abdel Nafea, head of Shubra Al Khaimah’s Prosecution, ordered full-scale investigations into the incident, the hospitals that these surgeries were done at and laboratories that were used to perform the required analyses.

A notification was received by Maj. Gen. Mahmoud Youssry, saying that a person lying on the side of a road was found suffering severe fatigue and in possession of EGP 12,000 and an ID card. He was taken to Qalyub General Hospital.

After examining him, doctors discovered a large, fresh wound in his abdomen area. The injured person said that he was sleeping in one of the public gardens when a person approached him and accompanied him to an apartment in 6th of October City, he claimed that  he was illegally anesthetized and had his kidney removed without being informed.

Under the Egyptian law, organ trafficking is considered a crime, punishable by long jail sentences and huge fines for violations. The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a 2010 report saying that “Egypt is one of the five organ trafficking hotspots in the world and described it as a “hub for organ trafficking.”

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