Wafd, Democratic Current Coalitions will decide whether to merge within days
former Solidarity Minister Ahmed al-Borai - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Leaders of both the Democratic Current Coalition and Wafd Coalition announced setting their final decision on whether to merge in a meeting next week, Karama Party member Abdel Aziz el-Husseiny told The Cairo Post Tuesday.

“Although they reached a resolution in the meeting for many important points for merging, they are awaiting the legislation document and a name for the coalition,” former Solidarity Minister Ahmed al-Borai said in a statement to Youm7.

He said the coalitions are waiting for next week’s meeting to avoid any internal disagreements after the merging announcement.

The meeting is considered a new round between both coalitions aims to reach a point of understanding, head of Al-Wafd Party Sayed al-Badawy told Youm7. He said the proposed name of the coalitions after merging might remain as the Egyptian Wafd Coalition but with a new logo, which “the Democratic Current agreed upon.”

Karama Party leader Husseiny said however that the Democratic Current Coalition would not accept the name to remain as the Egyptian Wafd Coalition. “We might find another name that communicates both coalitions,” Husseiny told The Cairo Post.

George Ishak said the Democratic Current insists on merging with Egyptian Wafd Coalition, “which provides a national alliance far from the Muslim Brotherhood or the dissolved National Democratic Party,” Youm7 reported.

Regarding the legislation document, Popular Current Party leader Heba Yassin told The Cairo Post that they discussed the document presented from head of Dostor Party Hala Shukrallah in Tuesday’s meeting.

Dostor Party spokesperson Khaled Dawood said Shukrallah presented a document in the meeting that includes the legislation vision of the coalition in the upcoming parliament. “Karama Party and the Socialist Popular Alliance Party made a few notes on some points and Shukrallah will start amending them to present it one more time,” he told Masr Al-Arabia new website.

Husseiny said the main document was based on two key points, public freedom and social justice “to turn the constitution’s articles into real laws.”

The document was missing the transitional justice articles, which should be worked on after the new parliament is elected in addition to adding legislation to restructure the wages system not only minimum and maximum wages laws, he said.

“The new legislation document will be ready to be presented in the coalition meeting within days,” Husseiny said. The legislation document of the Egyptian Wafd Coalition, which Shobaky worked on, will be discussed then “to set the latest form of both Democratic Current Coalition and Egyptian Wafd Coalition.”

Leaders within the Democratic Current including former Solidarity Minister Ahmed al-Borai, George Ishak, Yaqout Senosy and Egyptian Wafd Coalition leaders’ Sayed al-Badawy, Amr Shobaky, and Ahmed Fawzy, attended the meeting.

The Democratic Current Coalition includes Hamdeen Sabbahi’s Popular Current Party, Dostor, Karama, and Al-Adl parties.

The Egyptian Wafd Coalition consists of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, Wafd Party, Reform and Development Party, Conservative Party, Amr Shobaky’s National Block, and the Awareness Party.

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