Factory owners could be sent to jail for polluting Nile: Min. of Environment
Nile River - YOUM7/Kareem Abdel Kareem

CAIRO: Any factory that dumps its waste into the Nile River would face severe consequences, Minister of Environment Khaled Fahmy said Wednesday.

The ministry so far observed nine violating factories, four of which agreed to stop polluting the Nile since it severely damages the environment; the other five were warned, Shorouq reported.

“The Nile has19 billion cubic meters of waste dumped into it annually, 78 percent of which is agricultural and industrial wastes and sanitary drainage,” Fahmy told Tahrir channel Tuesday. “Industrial drainage represents one percent but it has a more negative effect on environment than other types.”

Fahmy said 102 factories used to drain their wastes directly into the Nile but now they are only nine, four of which made plans with the ministry to find other green alternatives. The other five are “disobedient” and the ministry will handle the situation.

In case the remaining factories have no set plan to stop draining their wastes by Nov., the ministry will enforce the law to shut down the factories and imprison the violating chairperson.

“Available technologies can turn waste into fertilizers and fertilizers can be burnt to generate electricity. Each country follows this process according to its economic condition since generating electricity from fertilizers is expensive,” Fahmy said.

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