Wasat Party withdraws from NASL, considers parliamentary elections: Source
Head of Al-Wasat Party Abou El-Ela Mady - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Al-Wasat Party announced Thursday in a press statement published on its official website it will withdraw from the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy and start establishing a “national entity” that includes political movements targeting to achieve the January 25 Revolution goals.

The party, which is considered a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, said “despite the political polarization the country is heading in to it since the July 3, 2013 “coup” and the complicated situation that followed, the only exit from this crisis will be with strictly political ways,” as the statement read.

“During the past phase, the party was upholding its responsibility in dealing with all serious political initiatives, and never went back to seeking a national dialogue to complete real reconciliation that is supposed to deliver the country to a peaceful state,” said the statement.

The party ensured that during the current period, they will seek to attain democratic transformation through a real national partnership without excluding any party, “which requires operating outside of the framework of the NASL,” the statement added.

“We are not trying to act as a bridge between the state and the Islamists or MB, but we are working on a new agenda that guarantees the emergence of a national entity,” Amr Farouk, Assistant Secretary-General of al-Wasat Party, told The Cairo Post.

Farouk added that during the past five months, the party had engaged in bilateral meetings with other parties to discuss that agenda, to provide an atmosphere promising a new democratic era.

“Some of the parties and political movements who were engaged in the meeting –refusing to disclose any names- have been supporting the June 30 demonstrations and were involved in it,” Farouq added.

That entity should work on resisting the state of oppression and to reach democratic change, he said. Meanwhile, he added that the plan they will start with will involve more social issues that form an interest to citizens, and involve students and youth in a real movement that tackles and encourages the national sense.

Abdullah Al-Moughazy, the former parliamentary member, said in a statement to el-Balad news website that the withdrawal step of Wasat Party assures its preparation to enter the forthcoming parliamentary election.

Farouk said “although the current political atmosphere is not suitable for such a step, but that matter will be determined by the agenda of the national entity that the party seeks to build.” Pointing out that the party will be bound by the decision that will be reached, “and in case the elections were delayed, that will give them a great chance to consider running in the elections,” he said.

NASL member Ashraf Belal said in a statement to Youm7 that al-Wasat’s withdrawal will not affect the Alliance’s activity and all other parties in the Alliance will work on the same level.

Head of Al-Wasat Party Abou el-Ela Mady was arrested in July 29, 2013, as he was accused of inciting violence in a speech to pro-Morsi protesters during clashes at Giza’s Nahda Square and in Bein El-Sarayat between supporters of Morsi and ‘opponents’.

On April 16, 2014, the Giza Criminal Court ordered the release of Mady on a 10,000 EGP ($1,400) bail, but the general prosecution appealed the order and the court accept its appeal and Mady remained in custody.

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