Rafah opens for injured Palestinians, aid convoys
The Rafah border crossing with Gaza - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Rafah border crossing opened on Friday to allow more injured Palestinians to pass from Gaza Strip into Egypt after Israel and Hamas reached an open-ended truce, Youm7 reported Friday.

Rafah has reportedly received 388 Palestinians from Gaza on Thursday, many of them injured and stranded, while Arab aid convoys were sent in.

The Palestinian delegation, which was participating in the ceasefire negotiations in Egypt, returned Thursday night to Gaza Strip through Rafah, Youm7 reported.

Since the beginning of Israel’s 50-day military aggression, Rafah crossing was opened several times to transfer injured Palestinians into hospitals in Egypt and to allow many humanitarian aid convoys into Gaza.

Israel and Hamas agreed to an open-ended truce on Tuesday, brokered by Egypt, after seven weeks of fighting. Indirect negotiations took place over past few weeks in Cairo between the two conflicting parties to discuss ceasefire conditions at the high profile negotiations.

The Israeli Operation Protective Edge on Gaza strip began in July 8, claiming to target Hamas. Since then, at least 2,126 Palestinians citizens, mostly women and children, were killed and thousands were injured and displaced after their houses were destroyed under shelling. A total of 71 Israelis were killed in the operation, most of whom were IDF soldiers, Jerusalem Post reported Friday.

Additional reporting by Mohamed Hussein.

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