NASL says it respects Wasat Party choice to withdraw from alliance
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CAIRO: The pro-Mohamed Morsi National Alliance to Support Legitimacy (NASL) said Friday it respects a choice made by the Wasat Party to leave the alliance and appreciates its efforts and steadfastness against the “tyrant military coup d’état,” according to the alliance’s Facebook page.

“NASL emphasizes it will strongly continue its peaceful struggle and revolutionary endeavors to regain the January 25 Revolution, its goals and the democratic path,” the statement read.

The Wasat Party announced Thursday in a press statement published on its official website it will withdraw from the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy and start establishing a “national entity” that includes political movements that aim to achieve January 25 Revolution goals.

“We are not trying to act as a bridge between the State and the Islamists or Muslim Brotherhood, but we are working on a new agenda that guarantees the emergence of a national entity,” Amr Farouk, assistant secretary-general of Wasat, told The Cairo Post Thursday.

That entity should work on resisting the state of oppression and to reach democratic change, Farouk said. Meanwhile, he added that the plan they will start with will involve more social issues, and they hope to involve students and youth.

Abdullah Al-Moughazy, a former Parliament member, said in a statement to El-Balad news website Thursday that the withdrawal of the Wasat Party assures its preparation to enter upcoming parliamentary elections.

NASL was formed in June 2013, and it consists of 16 parties and movements, including the Building and Development Party, the dissolved Freedom and Justice Party, and the Salafi Front Movement.

Some of NASL’s leaders were arrested in late June and early July, including its spokesperson Magdy Qorqor, Magdy Hussein, and two members of the Building and Development Party, according to Aswat Masriya.

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