7pm News Wrapup Aug. 30


Japan Friday lifted its travel ban to Egypt, the Egyptian Tourism Ministry announced in a statement.

Egypt’s national football team faces fears of Ebola as the team is slated to head to Senegal for a match this week.

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry has vowed to provide humanitarian drought aid to Somalia with its newly formed Egyptian Partnership Agency for Development.

Meanwhile, an Al-Azhar delegation met with the Board of Trustees of the Al-Azhar Institutes in Palestine Friday to agree on means to oversee the distribution of 90 tons of medical and food aid to Gaza.

Rafah residents in North Sinai found the beheaded body of a Bedouin youth Friday, raising the tally of recent decapitation murders in North Sinai to six.

Forty-one alleged Muslim Brotherhood supporters were arrested Friday in street incidents, including a Russian national.

The Antiquities Minister urged the completion of the renovation work at the Sakkara Step Pyramid, after inspecting work progress on the wall decorations and the natural ventilation inside the pyramid and the southern tomb.


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told his Egyptian counterpart Friday that the United States intends to make good on its promise to deliver 10 Apache helicopters to help Cairo’s counterterrorism efforts.

Twenty new Wi-Fi enabled buses are scheduled to begin operation next week.

The pro-Mohamed Morsi National Alliance to Support Legitimacy (NASL) admitted they have lost the membership of the Wasat Party in the alliance and said they appreciated its efforts against the “tyrant military coup d’état.”

The final verdict was issued by a court Saturday against former Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and MB leaders Mohamed el-Beltagy, Safwat Hegazi and Essam El-Arian over Giza’s Istiqamah Mosque case, which left nine dead in 2013.


Analyst: The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) is greatly expected to note a positive performance this week where the indexes and stocks will open up in an attempt to penetrate their resistance levels.

Badr El Din Petroleum Company is expected to increase daily production to 100 million cubic feet daily.

Editor’s pick:

October War soldier’s body recovered: Thousands marched Friday in the funeral of an Egyptian soldier as he was buried in his hometown Faqous in Sharqia governorate 41 years after his death in the 1973 October War.

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