Partial 3-day Ring Road maintenance closures start Thursday
Ring Road - YOUM7/Hassan Mohamed

CAIRO: The Ring Road will be partially closed for three days starting Thursday for maintenance work according to the Reconstruction of Greater Cairo Authority head Hisham Abu Sinna Monday in comments to Youm7.

Abu Sinna told Youm7 that the three days will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The maintenance work overall will last six weeks.

He added that there is ongoing maintenance work to develop and raise the efficiency of the Ring Road from the Mariotiya Corridor to the Egypt-Alexandria Desert Road. Work will be done on an 1.85-kilometer stretch of the road and cost 36 million EGP ($5.03 million).

Abu Sinna noted that maintenance at entrances and exits on the Ring Road is scheduled to start in September and cost 25 million EGP.

The maintenance of the Ring Road Bridge falls under the responsibility of the Cairo governorate, the Reconstruction of Greater Cairo Authority and the General Authority for Roads and Bridges.

Maj. Gen. Saad el-Geoushy, the Head of the General Authority for Roads and Bridges, told Youm7 that the Ring Road will not be fully closed, as the maintenance work will take place only in the middle of the road or in only two lanes at a time.

Recently, multiple potholes and bridge collapses were reported, and claimed as proof of construction defects, but these maintenance problems were dismissed by the spokesman for the General Authority for Roads and Bridges, Abdel Aziz Abdu, in an interview with The Cairo Post on Aug. 7.

Abdu instead blamed the “improper usage and truck drivers’ dangerous violations” for these collapses.

“There are continued violations committed by overly loaded vans and trucks exceeding the decided capacity, which is only 13 tons for each axel,” Abdu said.

In discussing the collapse of the Berket el-Saba’ Bridge in March 2013, which was one of the bridges supervised by the authority, he said it was caused by the aforementioned driver violations.

The General Authority for Roads and Bridges is responsible for supervising 1,704 main bridges across Egypt, apart from the bridges inside cities and districts, Abdu said. He noted that there will be periodic maintenance applied to 400 main bridges this year.

Additional reporting by Ahmed Hassan

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