Damascus’ Catastrophe
Mostafa El-Fiqi - YOUM7/Omar Anas
By Dr. Mustafa al-Fekki

Ahmed Shawkee, the prince of poets, wrote back in the 20th century his masterpiece about the French invasion in Damascus. I wish he was here with us to write about the expected American attack on Syria. If  Washington is targeting al-Assad’s regime, his army, his economic centers, and his strategic locations, it is also going to sweep away hundreds of innocent civilians on its way to achieving what they want – they will suffer twice, once because of infighting there and second because of the expected American strike.

War against Syria will not be a limited war, as Syria is neighbors Israel, Hezbollah (in Lebanon), Iran, and other regional forces which portend a terrible catastrophe in this unsettled region of the world. Egypt has done well with refusing war against Syria, because those who occupied Iraq ten years ago will do the same to Syria today.

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