Bread and Freedom Party hosts activists on hunger strike
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CAIRO: The “Al-Aish w Al-Horya” Party (Bread and Freedom) announced in a statement Monday that activists Eslam Talat and Mahmoud Mohamed (also known as Yaseen Mohamed) started a hunger strike to show their solidarity with jailed activists who started their own hunger strikes last week.

The statement added the activists are hosted inside the party’s headquarters as a sign of its solidarity with detained activists charged with conducting demonstrations against the 2013 Protest Law.

Mohamed was previously jailed and sentenced to 15 years in prison over conducting illegal protests outside the Shura Council in November 2013 alongside activists Alaa Abdel Fattah and Hamada Noby, but is currently free on bail, according to the released statement.

“Our demands are the release of all detained activists over the Protest Law, and amendment of the law itself according to the applied articles by the National Council of Human Rights (NCHR) and international standards,” the statement said.

Talat told The Cairo Post Monday that they started the hunger strike last Sunday. “We announced an open strike, as we are not alone, other groups are going to join us by tonight, and others are offering to join,” he said.

He added that they will remain inside the party’s headquarters and its surrounding area, and that the strike is open to anyone who wants to join on one condition: “They have to prepare themselves at least three days before the strike,” he said.

“The idea started Saturday night when we went to the Press Syndicate to start our strike, but we found a lot of security forces in front of it, preventing anyone from standing or demonstrating there,” Talat said. “We started to search for other places to start our strike until we found the party and they suggested we stay with them, as they welcomed us.”

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