Rabaa dispersal response to ‘chaos’: Beblawy in first interview
Former prime minister Hazem al-Beblawy - YOUM7/Suliman El-Etify

CAIRO: Former prime minister Hazem al-Beblawy said Monday the Rabaa al-Adaweya dispersal was a necessary response to growing “chaos,” in his first interview since leaving office, with Sharq al-Awsat.

“They delayed it many times, but the state was entering a chaos, and the situation was alarming a dangerous stage. Firm procedures should have been taken quickly, ” Beblawy told the paper, adding that the government did not want to disperse the sit-in until it felt that it was a huge risk to security.

He added that Mohamed ElBaradei chose to resign as he was afraid from a civil war. “He said his opinion many times during the cabinet meetings, and he was insisting that the dispersal of the sit-in should be delayed until they find other peaceful solution.”

“Former interim president Adly Mansour listened to all the opinions regarding the dispersal decision, but some figures in the Cabinet choose to remain calm all the time, even if they were against it, we wouldn’t force them to do so. Sisi was among those who were comfortable with the majority opinion to clear Rabaa square and so I am,” Beblawy said.

The former prime minster added during his interview that he wanted to resign twice, but in the first time he was told by the authorities that the state was going through a sensitive period, and it was not appropriate, but later he repeated his request and it was accepted.

Rearding the Maspiro deaths in Oct.2011, was he was serving as Minister of Finance and deputy prime minster, he said that he was against the way the security forces handled it.

“I think that when demonstrations go out in the streets, the state should be securing it, but when we have a lot of casualties, the government at least should say that it’s sorry for it,” Beblawy said.

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