Egyptian killed in Libya
Libyan gunmen - AFP

CAIRO: An Egyptian citizen was killed in Sirte, Libya after a quarrel between him and two Libyan armed men, state-owned MENA news agency reported Monday.

Abu Zeid Shehata el-Sayed was working in a supermarket in el-Steen station in the western city of Sirte, and was fatally shot by one of the two armed people, according to a Libyan security source from military Brigade of 136.

The source told MENA that the offender was arrested and he detained by the brigade, while the dead body transformed to the hospital of Ibn Sina in Sirte.

The Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Badr Abdel Atty told The Cairo Post Tuesday that the ministry is in contact with the Libyan authority over such incident, and warned Egyptians against any travel there.

An armed group called the Shura Council of Islamic Youth in Libya executed an Egyptian Aug. 19 in Derna, a city in eastern Libya.

Howayda Ahmed Abdel Salam, an Egyptian woman residing in Libya, was also shot dead in clashes that took place around Al-Gala hospital in Tripoli in July.

Thousands of Egyptians have fled ongoing violence in Libya over the last few months, following warnings from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Algeria recently opened its borders with Libya for Egyptian nationals to flee the violence.

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