Security source: 11 ‘takfiris’ killed in Rafah
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CAIRO: Seven “takfiris” were killed and 11 suspects were arrested in a military raid in North Sinai governorate Wednesday, security sources at North Sinai Security Directorate told Youm7.

The raid also destroyed 35 extremists hubs, the source added

Three of the Takfiri elements were killed while driving a 4×4 car with a machinegun while other two were on a motorcycle, according to the source.

The “extremist hubs” are homes and shacks from which “terrorists” launch their attacks against the police and military forces.

The source also said that 16 cars and 22 motorcycles without plates were destroyed.

Ten soldiers and a military officer were killed earlier Tuesday when a bomb blasted their armed vehicle in North Sinai’s city of Rafah. The bomb had been placed on the route of the vehicle.

On Sunday, security forces killed Fayez Abu Shita and Mohamed al-Suweifi, two “dangerous terrorists” who were accused of abducting then releasing seven soldiers in May 2013, while Islamist President Mohamed Morsi was still in power.

Shita and Suweifi were killed inside the former’s home in North Sinai after an exchange of fire and mortars.

Sinai-based Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis has claimed responsibility for the majority of the attacks targeting the military and police.

 After the Islamic State’s videos of beheadings went viral, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis posted a video of the decapitation of four Bedouins last month, which it claimed they collaborated with Israel. The Bedouins’ families, however, say they executions were retaliatory because they provided information to the Egyptian military.

Police and military personnel have been targeted by open fire from anonymous people on motorcycles, car bombs, landmines, and even rockets. The rockets, however, have repeatedly missed their targets and killed civilians. The attacks significantly increased after Morsi’s ouster.

Security forces also have also kept a firm grip over the peninsula, occasionally killing and arresting scores of “takfiris.”

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