Ahmed Doma ‘like a skeleton’: wife
Ahmed Doma during his trial - YOUM7/Maher Iskandar

CAIRO: Ahmed Doma is unable to move around without a wheelchair, and is “like a skeleton,” his wife Nourhan Hefzy wrote on her Facebook page Tuesday.

“Ahmed is very sick; he can’t keep anything in his stomach even for a minute, including the medicine. Despite that the doctors said that he has to be moved into a hospital to be under observation in the intensive care, the interior ministry is not approving,” Hefzy wrote.

She said that the jail administration is refusing to give her a copy from Doma’s medical tests, explaining that is it prohibited to give the results to anyone but the prosecution.

Hefzy said her husband is suffering from severe acid reflux as well as stomach ulcers.

“Doma started his hunger strike Thursday Aug.28, he was hit by vomiting since his third day, and within 48 hours he vomited at least 29 times. The prison doctors didn’t seem to care about the regular medical tests to the political prisoners on a hunger strike until one of them, Hamada Noby, fainted days ago, as other activists started to shout and make a lot of noise to get him help,” Hefzy said.

She explained that since then doctors started to regularly test his blood sugar and blood pressure.

“What we understand from the prison statements to my husband is that they are going to feed him and give him glucose in case he faints or goes into a coma, but he is really suffering,” Doma’s wife added.

Doma started his hunger strike in solidarity with other activists in the jail who are demanding to be released, including Alaa Abd Al-Fatah and his sister Sanaa.

Other activists have started their own hunger strikes outside the jail; Eslam Talaat and Yaseen Mohamed announced Sunday in a statement that would strike, and that an invitation is open to anyone wants to join them at the Bread and Freedom Party headquarters and its surrounding area.

About 28 political prisoners are now on a hunger strike according to “Gebna Akherna” (We’ve had it up to here) Facebook page.

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