France praises Egypt’s mediation in Israel-Palestine conflict
French President Francois Hollande - REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

CAIRO: French President François Holland expressed his appreciation for Egypt’s role in reaching a cease-fire agreement between Palestine and Israel, according to a statement from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry Wednesday.

“I want to underline to which degree the Egyptian mediation has been and still is effective, because it is thanks in particular to Egypt that the cease-fire was able to be reached,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabuis said Monday in joint remarks with his Shoukry to the reporters in the Élysée Palace.

Fabuis also praised the Egyptian efforts in reaching a one-month cease-fire agreement between Palestinians and Israelis.

Shoukry is on a three-day European tour to Germany, France and Italy.

Egypt announced a one-month cease-fire agreement between Israel and Palestine, intended to give time for indirect talks between both sides in Cairo to reach a permanent cease-fire agreement, after the conflict left more than 2,000 Palestinians killed and 10,000 injured comparing to 67 Israelis killed, including 4 civilians.

Fabuis announced his country’s participation in Egypt-Norway co-hosted donor conference on Gaza Reconstruction, and added he was waiting on the organizers to set a date.

The conference will take place in condition that both sides reach a permanent ceasefire agreement, according to a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry of Norway in August.

Shoukry held two sessions with Fabius; the first tackled the economic field and the French investments in Egyptian market and the infrastructure such as metro transportation. Both sides discussed the Suez Canal Development project and the Golden Triangle of Mining project, which aims to create new investments in the Egyptian Mineral Resources.

Shoukry met with number of heads and representatives of major French companies operating in Egypt, discussing the efforts exerted by the Egyptian government in order to create a favorable climate to attract investment and foreign capital in various fields.

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