Security forces arrest activists randomly without cause: ANHRI
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CAIRO: The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) issued a statement Wednesday condemning the security prosecution for arresting young activists without cause, describing what is happening to the activists as severe human rights violations.

The statement mentioned the recent arrests of four activists from the April 6 Youth Movement—Mohamed Ismail, Omar Rmaio, Ahmed Alaa and Yousef Al-Fteni, who were apprehended for drawing graffiti in support of one of their detained activist friends Tuesday.

Another 10 activists were arrested in Bulaq as they were visiting the mother of a dead friend on the anniversary of his death.

The police forces charged the activists with breaking the law and intentionally stopping transportation. They were arrested while wearing T-shirts depicting the face of their deceased friend Ahmed Al-Masry.

Masry was killed during clashes in Mohandiseen between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and security forces.

ANHRI also described a third incident, the arrest of activist Mostafa Abd Al-Rahman as he was waiting inside Al-Ahram Metro Station. He was charged with being a member of the outlawed April 6 Youth Movement and calling for mass demonstrations to release detained activists.

The Freedom for the Brave Facebook page Tuesday posted a statement about the detained activists from Bulaq, saying that even death anniversaries are now prohibited by law. All the activists in the case were each released on an 1,000 EGP ($140) bail according to April 6 Youth Movement lawyer Sayed Al-Bana, Al-Ahram reported.

ANHRI head of research Lamiaa Mahmoud told The Cairo Post that what’s happening seems to be an indirect campaign to arrest all activists, as within just two days, around 15 activists were arrested.

She added that detained activist Mostafa Abd Al-Rahman was arrested when he was standing in a Metro station, and security forces considered some photos and videos of marches he had incriminating evidence.

“If these movements by the security forces were taken as a response to organized hunger strikes by activists inside jail, it’s sort of political stupidity, as it will not fix anything,” Mahmoud said. “On the contrary, it will raise and strength the solidarity with detained activists inside and outside prison.”

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