Report: Judicial body recommends dissolution of Muslim Brotherhood

Youm7 has obtained a full copy of the Egyptian State Commissioner Authority’s report regarding a recommendation to dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood organization. The report was released in Monday.

The report recommends that the Administrative Court issue a ruling to formally dissolve the Brotherhood organization. The authority also suggested closing the Brotherhood’s official headquarters in Moqattam, Cairo.

The Egyptian State Commissioner Authority is a judicial body that serves to advise the government. It also suggested canceling a law issued March 19 by Mohamed Morsi’s government which recognized the Brotherhood as a legal organization. This was the first time the organization was legalized in Egypt since its formation.

The recommendations were made in accordance with Law 84 of 2002, which prohibits non-governmental organizations and institutions from forming paramilitary groups.

Dr. Nagwa Khalil, minster of social affairs and insurance in former prime minister Hisham Kandeel’s cabinet,  issued a decision last march to recognize The Society of the Muslim Brotherhood under no. 644, in an attempt to avoid the dissolution of Brotherhood by court verdict.

The State Commissioners Authority said in its report that former PM Kandeel registered ‘The Association of the Muslim Brotherhood’ so as to not apply the full role of the association or to respect the dominance of the law, but to design and sign laws that would serve the president and favor the group he belongs to.

The report also included the circumstances of the Brotherhood Association’s publication and the ensuing circumstances. It said the government was not so quick to consider the requests of other associations for recognition.

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