Morsi facing new case of providing intelligence to Qatar
Former president Mohamed Morsi During His Trial - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO:  A new criminal case against former President Mohamed Morsi has been launched by Attorney General Hisham Barakat, referring Morsi along with 10 other defendants to criminal court Saturday for accusations of leaking national security documents to Qatar.

Among the accused are former presidential secretary Amin al-Serafi and his daughter Karima; Ibrahim Helal, the editor-in-chief of the news section at Al Jazeera; Asmaa’ Khatib from the Rassd pro-MB news website and an unnamed individual identified only as the son of an MB leader in Gharbia, Youm7 reported Saturday.

According to the allegations, Morsi used his position as president to leak official documents containing information threatening Egypt’s State security to the state of Qatar.

The High State Security Prosecution Authority had questioned Morsi in prison—he is currently in Borg al-Arab Prison near Alexandria—and charged he leaked documents including sensitive military information, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported Saturday.

Al-Masry Al-Youm also reported unnamed prosecution sources stating that Mohamed al-Tahtawy, president of the presidential office, confessed that Morsi used to hand off official reports in his possession to his secretary Serafi, and the prosecution claimed that the documents contained reports from the intelligence and military services, including budget details, on the Egyptian army and weapons.

Morsi is already on trial under similar accusations alleging he provided information to Hamas in the case publicly known as the “Wadi al-Natroun Jailbreak” that took place during the instability that followed the early days of the 2011 January 25 revolution. In this incident, Morsi is believed to have escaped from prison before becoming president.

Additional reporting by Ibrahim Kassem.

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