Gov’t hopes to end vendors’ Torgoman anger with new bus stop
First street vender at his designated spot at Torgoman garage - YOUM7/Maher Iskandar

CAIRO: The Cairo Governorate has agreed to establish a bus stop at the Torgoman garage in Downtown Cairo, where dozens of street vendors were recently and controversially relocated, reported Youm7 Saturday.

This step is believed to be an attempt by the governorate to alleviate the vendors’ furious complaints that emerged after a campaign launched Aug. 24 to move them from different Cairo streets to a temporary garage, in a bid to ease traffic congestion in the capital’s streets.

They are supposed to move again to another, larger place near the Torgoman garage called Waboor el-Talg, which will need time to be prepared, as it is currently a garbage dump. The date of their new relocation has not been determined yet.

The relocation procedures taken by the government were condemned by vendors, as for one reason, the new place they were settled in is far from crowded areas where clients used to go and buy things from them.

Hisham Attiyah, the head of the Public Transport Authority, told Youm7 that the new bus stops will be part of the authority and they are expected to enable citizens to reach the Torgoman area easily and directly without a need for more than one transport or long walks.

An Interior Ministry inspection tour is being implemented to supervise the process of the campaign, where security forces have been placed en masse in Cairo streets to prevent vendors from returning back to their old spots.

“Street vendors will not return to occupy Downtown streets,” Cairo Governor Galal Said said Aug. 25. He added Downtown is now clean and free of street vendors due to the intensified security presence, Al-Watan reported.

Street vendors are almost uniformly furious about the relocation, but the decision was welcomed by many shop owners in the areas where street vendors used to set up shop. “This is a very good decision, and they [street vendors] used to make problems,” said Hany Ragab, a shop owner, to Al-Dostor newspaper on Aug. 24.

The measures taken against vendors might not be limited only to streets, as a new strategy announced Saturday will be adopted by the National Authority for Tunnels in order to control Metro vendors within the coming months.

Additional reporting by Aya Ibrahim and Maged Tamraz .

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