Nour Party awaits parliamentary elections date to announce candidates
Abdullah Badran with Younes Makhion, Chairperson of Nour party - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Salafi Nour Party has established its list of candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections plans to disclose it as soon as the date for elections is announced, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

The party which is planning to run in all constituencies across the country, has also named alternative candidates in case any member failed to meet candidacy requirements.

While the majority of political parties are still finalizing their electoral alliances, Nour has been preparing for the elections and promoting itself through activities on the ground.

Last week in Beheira, the party hosted a bazaar providing a discount on school supplies ahead of the semester scheduled to begin on Sept. 20. The event is annual and has been held in 2013 across several governorates.

The party’s secretariat-general will hold a meeting Tuesday during which four members of its political bureau including president Younis Makhioun will discuss communication and joint efforts with other parties, the party’s vice-president Sayed Mostafa told Youm7 Tuesday.

“But we expect the elections to be further adjourned,” Ayman Shoeb, the party’s Secretary-General told Youm7. The assumption has been made by several politicians, namely Abdul Ghaffar Shukr, head of the Popular Alliance Party, who previously told The Cairo Post that the state might want to use security reasons to delay the elections.

Parliamentary elections, supposed to be held before the end of this year according to the state’s previous announcement of the roadmap, are yet to be announced by the High Parliamentary Elections Committee (HPEC.) The political law organizing the division of constituencies is still in the drafting process.

Additional reporting by Kamel Kamel and Ahmed Arafa.

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