Electricity Ministry lowers bill after man threatens to torch apartment
Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker - YOUM7/Salah Saied

CAIRO: The Ministry of Electricity has reduced a Qalyubia resident’s 2,800 EGP ($391) electric bill after he threatened to burn down his apartment, Youm7 reported.

Abdul Hamid Mahmoud of Kafr al-Gazar claimed that he received a very high electricity bill that did not represent the real cost of his use.

The ministry reviewed Mahmoud’s bill after he issued his threat to torch his residence, and found that in fact the bill was not right, and referred the meter reader who issued it to investigation.

Mahmoud’s apartment consists of three rooms, and is free of devices that would rack up the bill to 2,800 EGP, according to Youm7.

Kafr al-Gazar has been in a general uproar lately regarding electric bills, as many residents say the meter readers are arbitrarily raising costs.

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