15 members of April 6 Youth Movement join hunger strike campaign
Photo courtesy of 6th of April Youth Movement Facebook page

CAIRO: Fifteen member of the April 6 Youth Movement announced Wednesday they have started a hunger strike at the front’s headquarters, according to front political office member Shrief Al-Roby.

Roby told The Cairo Post Thursday that the 15 members demand the immediate release of all detained activists arrested over the 2013 Protest Law, and this is their way of showing solidarity with those detainees, many of whom are also on hunger strike.

He added that three of the group’s members have been in custody for 70 days now pending trial.

Mohamed Yousef, one of the three imprisoned, started a hunger strike last week on Sept. 4.

According to an infographic published on the Freedom for the Brave and “Gebna Akherna” (We’ve Had Enough) activist Facebook pages, 92 activists both in and out of jail are on hunger strike, 16 of whom are women.

Infographic from Freedom to brave Facebook page

Infographic from Freedom to brave Facebook page

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) issued a paper Thursday titled “A Law to Silence” demanding the immediate repeal of the 2013 Protest Law on grounds it is unconstitutional, and urged courts to refrain from enforcing the law.

“The provisions of the law in its current form constitute a severe violation of several constitutional principles, including the principle of legal legitimacy and the proportionality between the crime and the punishment,” said Tareq Abd al-Aal, the lead author of the paper.

A number of journalists started a group on Facebook titled “Journalists Against the Protest Law,” and  called for conducting several events at the Press Syndicate, including demonstrations and joining the hunger strike.

Three journalists in this group decided to start a hunger strike on Saturday, Sept.13, and have called for other journalists to join them.

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