92 Egyptians arrested in Libya for illegally crossing border
Libyan security patrols - REUTERS

CAIRO: Libyan security patrols on the Egyptian-Libyan border arrested 92 Egyptians in the port city of Tobruk in Eastern Libya Friday, after the Egyptians crossed using the Siwa Road, Youm7 reported.

The arrested Egyptians were trying to illegally enter Libyan territory with the help of Libyan smugglers, one of whom was arrested along with the Egyptians.

The rest of the smugglers managed to escape with their cars.

Many Egyptians have previously been arrested in Libya for illegally crossing the border. On Jan. 18, 15 Egyptian fishermen were arrested at the Libyan port city of Zuwara

Others have also been arrested while illegally coming back from Libya, as it was reported on July 30 that 170 Egyptians were detained while crossing the border south of the Sallum border crossing.

Additional reporting by Hassan Mashaly

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