Alexandria textile worker protest dispersed by security; workers demand wages
A protest demanding the payment of delayed salaries at the Abod spinning and weaving factory in Alexandria - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A protest demanding the payment of delayed salaries at the Abod spinning and weaving factory in Alexandria was dispersed by security forces Sunday.

The Permanent Conference of Alexandria Workers, a workers’ rights group, said in a statement Sunday that workers used to get paid every 15 days, but they have not been paid in a month-and-a-half

Workers complained to the factory about their salaries, and a meeting between them and the board of directors was supposed to take place Sunday, but the chairman never showed up, which angered workers.

According to a statement released by the Permanent Conference, the workers decided to organize a peaceful protest to demand their delayed salaries and bonuses.

The factory called in the security forces, which came with orders to disperse the protest, the statement claimed.

“One worker was injured by gunfire, six others with birdshot and around eight of them were arrested,” the statement said.

Eman Mahmoud of the Permanent Conference of Alexandria Workers told The Cairo Post the workers have been in negotiations with the factory for 20 days, but nothing has been resolved.

“As the workers were conducting their protest, they saw the security forces coming and started to talk with them in an improper way,” Mahmoud said. “They didn’t like the security forces’ way of talking with them, so they replied, but that wasn’t acceptable behavior to the forces, and they escalated events.”

Shortly after the January 25 Revolution, many workers demanded pay raises, back salaries and new legislation to protect their rights. However, three years later, many feel little has been done to address these grievances.

“The labor unrest didn’t disappear. We are calling for our demands to be met all over the governorates, it’s just there’s no media coverage or attention,” Hoda Kamel, a labor rights activist told al-Mesryoon Sunday. “People thought our movement was over and our demands achieved, but they’re not.”

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