Alleged arson group members arrested
Egyptian Security forces - YOUM7/Kareem Abdul Kareem
CAIRO: Police in Ismailia told Youm7 Tuesday that they had arrested four members from groups called Guevara and Torch It, saying that they target police and judges’ cars while parked outside their homes at night.

The Revolutionary Resistance Movement of Guevara joined Facebook June 28, and has since gathered 144 likes. Its first post declares its establishment in Ismailia, and that it would “resist the police in all possible ways,” and also those who help them. The group said it would detect those people’s homes, shops, and cars and that it monitors the daily routes of some officers.

The group posted three videos of setting a police car and the private cars of two police officers on fire, and even posted the officers’ names.

The arrested youth range from 19 to 24, and they allegedly confessed and led the police to their homes where they had pistols and inflammatory substances, according to Youm7.

Torch It emerged in February and claimed responsibility for a number of attacks against Central Security Forces vehicles and privates, but their Facebook page was closed.

The son of a leading Muslim Brotherhood member was arrested in Suez Monday for belonging to Hasm, a group that perpetrates arson on police vehicles, MENA reported.

Homeland Security arrested Hassan Abou el-Enain, son of leading figure of the Muslim Brotherhood el-Husseiny Abou el-Enain, on charges of inciting violence, mobilizing people, torching police vehicles, spreading chaos, and assaulting military and police officers.

Hassan, whose father was the deputy manager of the Agricultural Development and Insurance Bank under the tenure of former President Mohamed Morsi, is allegedly a member of Hasm (termination,) an anti-government movement in Suez.

His father is wanted by the authorities, and is accused of incitement along with dozens of Brotherhood leaders.

The defendant, who was detained per a warrant, reportedly confessed that he had received funds from the Brotherhood to plan and perpetrate the torching of police vehicles, according to MENA.

On Sept. 3, Suez prosecution ordered the detention of Ahmed Radwan, spokesperson of the Brotherhood’s dissolved Freedom and Justice Party, for 30 days on charges of co-founding Hasm.

A group that calls itself We Will Terrify You emerged in January, and posted videos of torching cars that belong to officers. Also in January, the group Anti-Coup Molotov appeared and attacked police cars. Flares, a group that began posting videos of attacking cars and police officers around March, disappeared soon afterwards.

However, a page with the same name launched on Facebook in July, threatening more arson.

Also on Monday, a “terrorist cell” was arrested in Sherbin town, Dakahlia governorate, which specialized in making bombs to target power transformers, Youm7 reported.  It, however, does not give itself a name.

One suspect was caught in a hideout in a farm, in possession of chemical substances and circuits used in making bombs, grenades, explosives, cell phones connected to circuits, and a computer with instructions on bomb manufacturing.

The arrested suspect reportedly confessed that he and two others formed the cell to “increase people’s discontent with state services,” Youm7 reported.

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