‘Cinema Everywhere’ to give free screenings of independent films in Alexandria
Photo courtesy of cinema every where Facebook Page

CAIRO: “Cinema Everywhere,” a promotion for free independent film screenings in Alexandria sponsored by the British Cultural Center, will launch its latest series Sept. 19 in Alexandria’s coffee shops and social clubs, founder Waguih el-Laqany told The Cairo Post Wednesday.

“We will screen nearly 20 films, short movies and documentaries in 10 different places across Alexandria, which will also include centers for the disabled,” Laqany said.

Laqany’s campaign aims to present a side of culture ignored by the commercial film industry, and does so with support from young independent filmmakers who have agreed to have their movies screened for free.

“What we do is target a different location each time and present the films to the crowd available because we aim to target specific groups of people who are not often exposed to cultural and artistic content,” Laqany previously told The Cairo Post in January.

Laqany also said creating public events and promoting them online would destroy the purpose of his campaign, because the point is to obtain a new audience each time.

Two films will be screened this Friday in small coffee shops in the Raml and Miami neighborhoods. The first one is a place where street vendors usually gather, and the second film being about Syrian refugees are some of the few details Laqany would reveal.

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