Popular Current seeks to become new political party under youth leadership
Egyptian Parliament - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO:  The new Popular Current Party began Sunday to collect signatures needed for its official registration to participate in the coming Parliament elections, according to an announcement on Facebook and Twitter.

“Freedom, social justice, independence” is the slogan adopted by the party to be.

During a conference announcing the start of the signature drive Saturday, Hossam Moanes, a spokesperson of the Popular Current, took the opportunity to salute prisoners of conscience and denounced the 2013 Protest Law, calling it “unconstitutional,” and against freedom.

The press conference had many youth in attendance, but was notably missing 60-year-old party founder and former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi.

“Greetings and support to the Popular Current’s youth, so that they may build a party which will reflect the concepts of the revolution and bring democratic forces together. It is time for the young to lead,” Sabbahi tweeted Saturday.

According to Law 40 of 1977 on organizing political parties, a minimum of 5,000 endorsement forms collected from 10 different governorates are required to form an official political party.

Members of the Popular Current administrative board include several young political figures who have launched a campaign on social media sites to collect signed forms supporting the establishment of their party for official registration.

Prominent political figures, former ministers and human rights advocates attended the party’s launch conference and expressed their enthusiasm and encouragement for young politicians.

Party member and political activist Khaled Talima said the party will be among the groups supporting the rights of the underprivileged. “It will also adopt a new speech, away from the supporters of the State, Muslim Brotherhood or opposition,” he said.

The Popular Current was founded by Sabbahi after the January 25 Revolution and played a major role during the regime of former President Mohamed Morsi. However, Sabbahi decided to separate from the group and become independent.

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