Court accepts release of Mahienour el-Massry
Mahienour el-Masry - Photo courtesy of free Mahienour official facebook page

CAIRO: The Alexandria Court of Appeals decided Sunday to annul a verdict sentencing political activist Mahienour el-Massry to six months in prison on charges of breaking the 2013 Protest Law, according to the Free Mahienour Facebook page.

This comes after Massry’s defense lawyers challenged court results in an official lawsuit filed Saturday. “Mahienour is now waiting for the procedures of her release to be completed,” the Free Mahienour Facebook page added.

This is the second time Massry’s defense team has successfully challenged an original verdict issued against her, previously succeeding against a sentence of two years in prison on May 20 for participating in a protest in front of the Alexandria Criminal Court in December 2013.

On July 20, Massry was given a reduced jail term of six months and a fine of 50,000 EGP ($6,992.45). However, she had already served two months of that sentence.

Massry was arrested in April and has been detained ever since. Her arrest stirred angry reactions from activists, who launched social media campaigns in solidarity with her and to convince the public Massry was always defending the rights of others as a lawyer.

Massry was awarded the annual Ludovic Trarieux Human Rights Prize for 2014.

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