Inter-Palestinian dialogue resumes in Cairo
Senior Hamas Official And Delegation Leader Moussa Abu Marzouk (R) Talks With Fatah Official And Delegation Leader Azzam Ahmed (C) As They Arrive At A Hotel After Negotiations In Cairo - REUTERS/Asmaa Waguih

CAIRO: Egypt is hosting Monday inter-Palestinian dialogue between Hamas and Fatah before scheduled Palestinian-Israeli indirect talks, stated the Egyptian Foreign Ministry Sunday evening.

Cairo announced its hosting of the talks after media reports claimed Friday that the Palestinian offer of holding the talks in Cairo was rejected; an official from the Foreign Ministry denied Saturday such claims.

In the talks, Azam al-Ahmad represents Fatah and Moussa Abu Marzouk is the Hamas representative, while Khaled el-Batsh is Islamic Jihad envoy, MENA reported Monday.

Hamas and Fatah reached reconciliation and agreed on a unity government in April, but differences reemerged between the two after the announcement of a month-long cease-fire agreement brokered by Egypt Aug. 26. The cease-fire followed a two-month war with Israel.

Egypt will also host indirect talks between Palestine and Israel Tuesday to reach a permanent agreement between both sides.

“This new episode (of talks) comes in the framework of the efforts and consultations to keep on the cease-fire and guarantee the prevention of the renewal of conflict, the death of innocent victims and destruction of the vital facilities,” the statement read.

A donor conference for Gaza reconstruction, co-hosted by Egypt and Norway, is scheduled to be held on October 12 under the auspices of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and the convening of the conference is conditioned upon a permanent cease-fire being reached.

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