NCHR forms fact-finding committee to investigate Jabal al-Tair incident
Egypt's National Council for Human Rights.

CAIRO: The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) Monday formed a fact-finding committee to investigate violent actions that took place last week in Jabal al-Tair, Minya, Youm7 reported.

The council said in a statement it has received a number of complaints from the town’s residents about what they claim was police brutality that took place Wednesday.

Sada Al-Balad reported Sunday that the council refused to give any details about the content of the issued complaints, but said the committee will announce its results once it finishes the investigation.

The events surrounding the Jabal al-Tair brutality claims originated two weeks ago when a housewife disappeared from her home and her husband claimed she was kidnapped. Local police, however, said they found no foul play and believe the woman absconded with an acquaintance of her husband. No criminal charges were filed.

The townspeople people were unsatisfied with the police version of events and began demonstrations in front of the Jabal al-Tair Police Station. They demanded authorities release more information about the missing woman’s location and bring her back.

Tuesday night a demonstration of between 350-400 citizens from the town—most of whom were Coptic Christians—damaged two police vehicles and injured three police officers at the station, according to Minya Security Director Maj. Gen. Osama Metwally in statements on Al-Ashera Maa’n television show last week.

Residents of the town said the next morning police forces attacked private residences in the town in retaliation for the evening’s protest. According to the Bread and Freedom Party, residents were thrown on the floor and beaten.

Many political parties and figures condemned the incident, including the Bread and Freedom Party, the National Progressive Unionist Party and writer Fatma Naot.

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