Doma trial pending judge swap request ruling
Ahmed Doma during his trial - YOUM7/Maher Iskandar

CAIRO: The trial of Ahmed Doma has been suspended pending a ruling on his request to change judges, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

The court suspended Doma and his 268 co-defendants’ ongoing trial for participating in demonstrations outside the Cabinet in December 2011; a session to rule on the request has been scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 23.

Youm7 added that Doma appeared in court in a wheelchair, surrounded by guards in a glass cage.

He is charged with “crowding, attacking police forces with weapons, and assaulting number of government buildings.”

Doma has been on a hunger strike since Thursday Aug.28, in solidarity with other detained activists, and is demanding the immediate release of all prisoners arrested under the 2013 protest law.

His health has deteriorated, according to his lawyer Khaled Ali and wife Nourhan Hefzy, who have described him to press as “skeletal.”

“I’ve tried so hard with my lawyers to prove that I’m innocent; we dealt seriously with everything concerning this trial, but you insist to deprive me of my rights as a defendant,” Doma wrote in a Sept 17 statement to the judges.

He added that the judicial body announced clearly that they are against the January 25 Revolution that represents most of his principals and thoughts. “I don’t trust the integrity and fairness of the court, and I call for it to step down.” Doma wrote.

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