Adly Mansour
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Born: December 23, 1945

Interim President of Egypt (July 4, 2013 – )


Adly Mansour was appointed interim president on July 3, 2013 when the military removed former President Mohamed Morsi from power.

Mansour was sworn into office on July 4, 2013 after the military removed Morsi from power in the wake of mass protests demanding Morsi’s removal. At the time of his swearing in he was head of the Supreme Constitutional Court. He had served as a justice of the SCC since 1992.

The interim government’s primary focus is revising the constitution, which was suspended by the armed forces when Morsi was removed from power. Mansour’s timetable for the transition sees constitutional amendments finalized by the end of November and parliamentary elections in 2014, followed by presidential elections.

Born in Cairo in 1945, Mansour graduated from Cairo University Law School with a license to practice law in 1967. In 1970, he received a postgraduate management degree from Cairo University and joined the state council, where he served until his appointment to the SCC in 1992.

After the January 25 Revolution, Mansour headed the constitutional hearing in 2012. In this capacity, he helped draft the supervision law for the election that Morsi won and also overturned the “political isolation” law, allowing Mubarak-era prime minister Ahmed Shafiq to contend the 2012 presidential election.

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