Arab Coalition for Sudan condemns latest gov’t crackdown
Sudanese police fire teargas during a protest against fuel price increase in 2013 - REUTERS

CAIRO: The Arab Coalition for Sudan (ACS) condemned Wednesday the latest series of crackdowns on political activists and opposition figures in Egypt’s southern neighbor.

Sudanese authorities in the last two days have arrested around 50 political and activist figures, including Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) leaders Marghany Atta al-Mannan and Fayza Naqd, Sudanile website reported Tuesday.

“The coalition strongly condemns the latest incidents in Sudan as authorities without the permission of the prosecutor stormed, confronted and kidnapped a number of human rights activists and politicians, beating them and insulting them as well,” the coalition said in a statement Wednesday.

The coalition accused Sudanese National Security and intelligence bodies of launching a crackdown campaign against politicians and political activities on the first anniversary of September 2013 demonstrations in which around 200 people were shot dead.

After President Omar Hassan al-Bashir raised the prices of fuel on Sep. 23, 2013, dozens of demonstrations began and many fuel stations were set on fire.

The ACS noted that dozens of activists detained since last year are being prosecuted unfairly, while 10 people have been held indefinitely without trials.

On Sept. 22, nine political activists were detained, and on Sept. 15, six activists—including Sudanese Congress Party member Khaled Saad—had their posters confiscated during an event marking the first anniversary of last year’s demonstrations, according to the ACS statement.

Security forces also stormed the houses of two political activists and an economic seminar and arrested all 38 attendants, including eight women who were released a day later, the coalition added.

The statement added that a crackdown also continues against the people of Darfur, Kordofan and the Blue Nile.

Fighting between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement and the Sudanese armed forces in the Blue Nile and South Kordofan states has been ongoing since 2011. Many of those fighting against the government in these areas are ethnic Nubians who have been subjected to indiscriminate bombing campaigns.

The Arab Coalition for Sudan was founded in 2008 and includes more than 130 NGOs supporting and helping people who have suffered from conflicts in Sudan.

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