CAPMAS: number of July tourists increased by 15.8%
Tourists are seen at the Temple of Hatshepsut - REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

CAIRO: The number of tourists visiting Egypt increased by 15.8 percent percent in July 2014 compared with July 2013, according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), Egypt’s official statistical agency.

In its monthly report for tourism statistics issued Wednesday, CAPMAS indicated that 886,000 tourists had visited Egypt in July 2014 compared to 765,000 in July 2013.

The number of tourists who visited Egypt in July 2010—seven months before the January 25 Revolution—totaled 1.3 million, 32 percent higher than the rates in July 2014, the report said.

Egypt’s tourism sector, which represents 11 percent of the country’s GDP, has been suffering from ongoing shocks ever since the 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

Despite a few instances of apparent recovery, continuous instability, political turmoil and a lack of security have remained challenges to the sector.

CAPMAS indicated the largest number of tourists who visited Egypt in July 2014 came from Eastern Europe at 46.7 percent, followed by Western Europe at 31.9 percent and the Middle East at 12.4 percent.

Tourists in total spent 6.6 million nights in Egypt during July 2014, compared to 6.8 million nights during July 2013, with a decrease of 3.8 percent, according to the report.

Egypt depends on tourism for around 20 percent of its hard currency. The sector’s total investments are valued at $9.8 billion, according to the Ministry of Tourism.

According to the report, tourists coming from Eastern Europe spent the largest number of nights in the country at 49 percent, followed by Western Europeans at 30.5 percent and Middle Easterners at 12.5 percent.

The number of tourists coming from Arab countries in July 2014 notably increased by 45 percent, reaching 1.31 million tourists compared to 901,000 tourists in July 2013. They represented 14.8 percent of the tourists visiting Egypt in July 2014, the report said.

The number of nights spent by Arab tourists decreased by 33.9 percent, reaching 1.1 million nights in July 2014, compared to 1.6 million nights in July 2013.

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